Pre-Move Room 2: This crawlspace provides ample storage space but because it was cluttered, you couldn't 'see' the space.  

Pre-Move Room 1: This office became the household dumping zone. With the family's help, we managed to clear out the years of clutter and donate some fabulous items to local charities.

TIP - Simplified Spaces can also be your resource for what to do with the items you no longer need.

Pre-Move Space 3 & 4:  In the basement, we consolidated two cluttered bookshelves into one.  The extra bookshelf was transferred to the garage and used to store items moved from the previous spaces.

TIP - Now is the time to donate all the items you really don't use.  Store rarely used items in plastic totes.  No sense paying to have items boxed and moved when a little work before the move can make a big difference.

TIP - shelving units stacked vertically rather than horizontally, create height in a room.

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For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.

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Just edit this element to add your own HTML. images show an office that you could not walk into as it was full of stuff and the after picture with it completely emply Pre Move two, three and four are of cluttered spaces; before and after the last picture is a before and after shot of a very cluttered pantry

Organizing increase the market value of your home

office organization

pantry organization

Cheri Goldstone

​Professional Organizer, St. Albert

Pre-Move Room 5: Now that you are moving, it is the perfect time to purge unwanted and expired products and showcase the space you have!