The back of any door is a great place for a family message centre.

 TIP - use a magnetic white board that can be easily updated as required.

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Benjamin Franklin

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Store spices in a pull-out drawer and label the tops.

TIP - use galvanized steel to create dividers to reduce movement when drawers slide open and close.

Pull-out spice racks allow you to stack many bottles in small spaces.

​These racks are available from:

Attach bag holders inside cupboard doors. They are great for storing rags too.

Add colour with bright cutlery trays.

Save space:

 use a pull-out, multi-use garbage unit.

Two-tier cutlery trays maximize space.

Stack storage containers and label, label, label.

This customer didn't have enough room for all her small appliances in the kitchen, but did have a nearby closet that worked perfectly.

Too many cookbooks but not ready to go completely digital?  We stored this customer's collection in her coat closet.  Might seem strange but seeing the collection brought a smile to her face whenever she came home.

A common problem most of us have...not enough space in the kitchen!  TIP - think 'outside' the room.

Another example of creating a clean and clever unfinished space.  Lots of great storage and a bit of whimsy to add interest.

Cheri Goldstone

​Professional Organizer, St. Albert

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