Cheri Goldstone

​Professional Organizer, St. Albert

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Benefits of a Professional Organizer in Canada

five key principles about organizing

What are the benefits of hiring Simplified Spaces?

  • I will work with you at your pace.
  • As a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada, I have a network to call upon for new suggestions or solutions for your organizing needs. 
  • While you may recognize the need to streamline, it can be difficult and emotional.  I will be your coach at this time, pushing you when needed, stepping back when necessary and providing a guiding hand throughout the process.

Why now?

Disorganization leads to higher stress levels and reduced productivity.  Think of all the time you waste looking for your keys, that bill you need to pay, your child's permission slip and more. Organization helps us get stuff done.  Simplified Spaces can help!

My 5 Key Principles About Organization:

You don’t need to purge everything at once – one client’s house was overrun with personal souvenirs and photos she had accumulated/inherited over the years.  The client didn't have the time nor was she prepared emotionally to purge these items but was frustrated with the lack of organization they caused in her household.  Solution: we carefully stored her precious memories in plastic containers (14 in total) in an out-of-the-way location.  This not only protected the memories but allowed her to purge one container at a time when she was ready.

Unfinished rooms can be functional – Why do we think that unfinished rooms don't deserve the same attention as the rest of our home? Usually, these rooms become a catch-all of miscellaneous items.  A client hated doing laundry since the machines were housed in an unfinished furnace room.  The room was ugly, crowded and inefficient.  We gave the room a good clean, added a beautiful storage system and decorated.  In the end, she no longer dreaded doing laundry (didn't 'love' the chore but at least the space was more inviting).

There are hidden storage spaces everywhere - on the inside of cupboards doors, underneath upper cabinets, on the backs of doors, between joists, under the stairs and so on.  Let Simplified Spaces help you maximize all of it.

Think 'outside' the room – Who made it the rule that kitchen items must be kept in the kitchen?  As the number of kitchen 'essentials' proliferate year-after-year, it is becoming increasingly difficult to store them all in the kitchen.  This is the part of the job I enjoy the most. ...working with you, to determine solutions that work for you!  While the solution may seem unconventional to others, it is all about what is best for YOU and YOUR space.

A beautiful space is more likely to remain organized- Have you ever seen a space that was so beautiful, you did not want to move a thing?  This is what happens when you harmonize design with organization...this is what Simplified Spaces does best!

If you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or simply don’t have enough time to tackle clutter on your own, a Professional Organizer can help.

Paper clutter is no more than postponed decisions.

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